Moorman Family Farms
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Steve and Andrea started their first garden in 2012. While a 10’x12’ garden seemed tiny to Steve, gardening was a brand new adventure for Andrea. There were many challenges that first year; the record breaking heat, two dogs who terrorized the garden area, an 18 month old daughter that was eager to harvest anything sticking out of the ground (especially green tomatoes), and a few young plants that Andrea confused for weeds and accidently removed. If the presence of a backyard garden in Kentwood wasn’t odd enough, tapping the maple trees annually to make syrup secured the label as the neighborhood crazies. Through all the challenges, comical and frustrating, Andrea found that she shared not only Steve’s love of gardening but the desire for a space to expand their humble urban plot.
With the purchase of a two acre piece of Steve’s parents’ land, that dream has become a reality. Although many challenges and adventures lie ahead, the opportunity to grow vegetables here is a blessing that we hope to enjoy for years to come.

Andrea and Steve share this small farm with their two lovely daughters, two cheerful dogs, a mischievous cat, and many chickens.