Moorman Family Farms
fresh, clean, local

Our Vegetables

On this small two acre farm in Byron Center, Michigan, Moorman Family Farms brings you a wide variety of vegetables that are grown in a natural and sustainable manner. We value our community and are committed to providing our neighbors with the highest quality vegetables. Everything we produce is non-GMO and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It is our goal to not only be sustainable, but be responsible with our resources.

Who We Are

Moorman Family Farms is a local vegetable farm operated by Steve and Andrea Moorman. Steve has a lifetime of gardening experience, thanks to his parents who have operated a successful vegetable farm for over three decades. Continuing in their tradition of quality and excellence, Steve and Andrea are proud to bring the family farm into the next generation.

Why Eat Organic ?

There are many reasons to eat organic but a few of our favorites include helping support wildlife habitats, better sustainability of the land, the produce simply tasting better and being more nutritious.

Our Fertilizers

The fertilizers we use on our garden include fish emulsion, certified organic plant food, and an organic worm tea for a microbial boost. For disease or a large infestation of insects we use neem oil.